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Championed by the likes of Seth Troxler, Guy Gerber and Tiga, the former Footprintz member turned solo star has set his musical sights on the incense-filled Multi Culti chill-out room.

Following recent releases on Visionquest, Supplement Facts, Life & Death, and Turbo, Clarian continues a run of musically diverse, emotionally resonant songs with this three track EP. Ma Shiva stands out immediately in every way: it’s a mid-tempo pop ballad that takes as its refrain one of the most popular Hindu mantras. It’s a total one-off that has a certain familiarity to it without actually sounding quite like anything specific… except, oddly enough, maybe a dash of 80s-era Leonard Cohen in the phrasing of the verses. Open Your Eyes takes the tempo down even lower, into laid-back Talking Heads territory. Taking on such a wide range is an impressive feat, a show of great confidence from the young Montreal-based producer. It’s no wonder he’s been courted by some of the biggest names in the house scene as both a writer and producer. Rounding off these two languid anthems is Dystopia, a dragon-stick-juggling bazaar-ride of inner-exoticism. Progressive - even for progressive!

In remix support are the always-awesome Invisible Conga People, long overdue to release more original music. For the time being we’ll have to content ourselves with this epic, meandering acid dub rework of the title track.

Light up that E-joint and enjoy the trip.

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