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Australian Rapoeira wizard XANGA is back on Multi Culti with a 3-tracker, backed by a sparkly remix from Ecuador’s Nicola Cruz. 

Multi Culti throws down a kitschy pop manifesto with Get Outta My Dreams, a Tarzan-sampling call to the wild that implores us to leave the city and align with nature. Xanga gives overt voice to what we’re all feeling, stuck in urban existence, longing to dance among jungle spirits. 

This is the Way it Starts continues with mad-cap percussion, taking things far off the rails of conventional dance music with live-pulsing rhythms and fast paced arrangement. La Luz rounds off the EP with a hypnotic, shaker-driven groove and trippy, delay-soaked tuned percussion layers. Xanga moving with confident steps towards a distinctly individual sound. 

Nicola Cruz, hot off his latest releases on Multi Culti and ZZK, chimes in with his remix of Get Outta My Dreams, reinforcing the beats, adding his chugging South American tribalism while preserving the feel of the original.

Released October 5, 2015