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From the outback of Brazil to the favelas of Adelaide, Xanga hurls bolts of lightning at the people chosen to be his followers, leaving behind imprints of stone axe blades on the Earth's crust. 

With a collection of ambulant drum patterns and raw junk-box rhythms Xanga set the mood for a party. A real party. Forget the deep basslines and moody melodics for a second and put yourself in the hands of these propitious shamans of movement. 

Baile funk saw its rise in the international spotlight around the mid 2000's. It then faded back into the shadows not too long after... what we tend to forget that it still existed and continued to thrive, grow and develop in its homelands and even abroad.... This is where it is at now - the energy is still the same but the ideas are forward thinking whilst still honest to their roots - the roots of the party and the people that built it.

Released August 18, 2014

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