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'In Reaktionen' to Sascha Funke’s ‘In Relationen’ comes this remix package from Multi Culti, featuring contributions from Autarkic, Kasper Bjorke and Crowdpleaser. 

Israel’s super-talented Autarkic converts the main theme into a progressive new-wave epic, extrapolating on the gently weeping, psychedelic guitar line with vocals that superimpose his own personal narrative, making this exceptionally intimate remix work. If that all seems a bit heavy for your party, there’s also an instrumental version which features no mention of mental breakdown. 

Great Dane Kasper Bjorke builds on the lead lines, adding funky percussion layers and a hypnotic synth while skillfully containing the prog to a more dancefloor friendly arrangement.  

To keep things fresh, Funke adds a dope original track as well, and it’s a total pachanga popper that sounds like it was taken out of a Mayan Warrior highlight reel, the sound of a funky German man donning pointy-cowboy-boots, riding out into the desert on a diet of mushroom tacos and artisanal mescal. In other words - it will set your legs on fire.  

Swiss stoner Crowdpleaser slides in with a remix exclusive for the cult Bandcamp core, one that takes the crowd to the peak of the party, to the moment when that baseball-bat sized reefer hits the dance floor with a puff in it for everyone. Pure stoner party-house swinging in smoky delight. 

Released November 28, 2016

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