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Cosmic Sherpa, Liberator of Tantric Avatars, Sonic Skipper, Australian; Dreems’ hypnotic reveries strain and pulse against the restrictive meta-thongs of contemporary lifestyle living to offer a pan-globo soulstyle for our times. His impression of psychedelia is expressive and the expression on your face of the impression it leaves....impressive.

His dj sets are a testament to his knowledge of distant worlds and musics, taking you on a mushroom-picking vibe-about beyond all borders, whirling in a primordial soup of innovation. Alongside Kris Baha he makes up the Industralian outfit Die Orangen, who deliver their ‘krautback’ reveries on Israeli label Malka Tuti. 

He stands alongside Thomas Sontag (aka Von party) delivering a shared vision for the Multi Culti recordings brotherman-space-ship as well as his deep-dreaming Sleepmix series. 


"I am on a mission, a quest to free you from the divisive shackles of flags and tongues," says Dreems. "Whatever your culture, sex, or species, there is a place in your heart for light, sound, and dance, and that is where I will make my home.”

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