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Multi Culti's astrological archive expands into lunar phase with deep trips from CROWDPLEASER, BIRD OF PARADISE, DREEMS, NICK MURRAY & KRIS BAHA. 

The trip begins with Swiss journeyman Crowdpleaser teaming up with Egyptian homie Mah'mood for a majikal rendition of pre-Islamic poem YASMIN, featuring hauntingly beautiful vocals from Tunisian wedding singer Habib. <3 

UK-native BIRD OF PARADISE joins the crew, fresh off releases on Throne of Blood and Correspondant, with 'The Holy Mountain,' a Jodorowsky-scale epic that sounds like the full-moon party you should've gone to instead of that disgusting frat-party you landed at down the beach. 

Label guru DREEMS comes up to bat with the herbal Sine 'O' The Tymes, refining the entire funk of Princeness and bottling into an acid genie bottle, bumping along with a few lazy cowbells in tow, until finally giving way to a frankly astonishingly pretty finish. Masterful. We are all feeling this one. 

Finally, Australian doof dingos NICK MURRAY & KRIS BAHA bring up the tempo, rocking out in their inimitable style with electrified guitars, and hypnotic grooves that speak to a lifetime of overhearing digeridoos. 

We live in a beautiful world, ladies and dudes... cherish it in all it's different forms, love it more than you judge it, dance and don't be afraid. Never forget we're in this together: we are all one mind.  

Released April 11, 2016

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