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Strengthening the Australasian & Southern Americano connexion is Xanga. God Of Thunder, Father of One and all-round Good-Bloke. 

He has been busy in his shed (or verter) striking matches, clacking fire sticks against one-another and occasionally running out to chase down the local talent to reinterpret some of his songs for the his followers. The track is taken from the almighty Sun Gaze, Moon Faze compilation. 

Nite Fleit’s ‘Techno Factory Reset’ does as the title suggests - without a hint of bullshit along the way. This young Australian lady is heating up, so much so that we had to ask Cold Chillin’ Inkswel to flex his funk muscles on ‘Boom Boom Boom’. Keeping the balance perfect he turns it into a breezy electro-trip through the Portuguese-quarter in downtown Adelaide. Lastly Henri Le Blanc’s previously unreleased version of ‘The Way It Started’ turns the bongos berserko and retains the strong sense of party in this wild ride around the disco undergrowth. Would you believe that we even slept on this one ?

Released August 27, 2016

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