'Bumblebeez' producer and frontman Christopher Colonna - Australia’s answer to Pablo Picasso - steps out to the world with an extended player of pure, unadulterated sonic imagination that perfectly represents the ethos of Multi Culti's vibe. 

Largely written and produced in the backwoods of Hackney in 2014 and refined at the ‘BBZ HQ Braidwood 2622,’ the songs take cues from all over the place: classical composers, trips to South Africa, the electricity of the Diwali festival, peace of mind, French women recalling their sexual nightmares, yearning for the Outback & Global roaming. Layers of tropical sounds, a collection of myriad samples & bedroom beats all at play together in an alternate reality. These uncut diamonds were previously unreleased, but an early version of Ghana was included on Multi Culti Japan, which got support from Roman Flügel, Erol Alkan and Boris Dlugosch, among others. Exoticaspeakerjam was also exclusively featured on Tiga’s BBC Radio1 mix. 

It's useless to categorize, and difficult to describe, but what matters most is that the listen is warm and rewarding. It's dense with ideas, but the whole thing is wrapped up in a light-hearted charm that feels extra-precious today.

Released January 11, 2016