Israel’s hottest export follow up excellent EPs on Hivern and I’m A Cliché with a 3-tracker for the global psychedelic cult of Multi Culti. 

Tel Aviv’s Red Axes are one of the most exciting new acts in dance music, with rich sound that is musical, deep, trippy and organic, while remaining precise and lethally effective in the club.

The range in their sound is impressive, their talent unmistakeable. They are one of our favourite artists of the year, and this latest record is one of their best yet. 

Lead track 'Waiting for a Surprise’ builds around a mid-tempo disco bassline, with tough percussion, and rugged synth stabs, but it’s the eerie and unique sounding vocals of Brazilian collaborator Abrao that bring everything together. This one is a guaranteed bomb for building up, tearing down, peak time or chilling out… an outstanding track in every sense, the kind that force trainspotters to the DJ booth to discover what’s playing. Next up, ‘Hope’ kicks off with resonant, delayed toms, adding a haunting howl and synths before dropping into a wild, clanging, carnivalesque frenzy. It’s understated, but advanced, with an interesting arrangement that really opens up in the second half. Finally, 'The Metal Bender’ slows the tempo but ups the vibe into an elated, slow-burning space-disco anthem. Fantastic stuff!

Melbourne’s Kris Baha, fresh from launching his Power Station imprint, offers a stripped down remix of ‘Waiting for a Surprise,’ with a heavy, industrial-influenced groove that wanders into the deep, dark end of party strasse.  

Released September 14, 2015