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It’s a real HIGH-light when you run a label with your partner and they bring a track in like this. It affirms everything that you are working on together. You don’t need to talk anymore that day - the music has tied you into an eternal bond. But like a jealous girlfriend you ask who is this ’Naduve’ character ? 
Its all love round here though - I’m not the jealous type, we have an open relationship. Thomas has found a kindred spirit in Israel’s Naduve. 

This is how my listening experience went : 
Hit play…Straight-up into the groove…the percussion is soaked in hemp milk. 
YES. Loop that…. leave it. I need to get aligned.. where is my love-sack ? 
Ok - i’ve had enough time to skin one up - i’m excited. 
Exit loop - let that charming melody form dancing clouds of thick smoke around me. 
Oh man….. i’m lying down for this one… fuck that i’m getting up - i need to let this body out of this body. 
Whats that smell ? Cinnamon.. no its more like cardoman … was that a light note of cumin ? TVP can cook (again i can attest) 
Skip back to the start. 

Stoned idea #4532 : Let’s round up some fellow herb-merchants for a go at rolling this one up. 

Rodion - BONAFIED big-snake smoke machine. This i can attest to - his mixing desk is one big mixing bowl. You don’t actually have to look for the weed because its everywhere there. Its inside the machines, it’s all over the mouse, and the smoke alarm has dead batteries from being overworked. 

Peter Power . HERO status round these parts. It goes without saying that when Peter does something he does it right. Haven’t seen him DJ yet ? Keen to change your life - we will let you in on a secret - he has the power to do so. 

Last to roll up to the head-shop is Sabo. He purchased 4 packs of king-size, 3 boxes of nag champa and 2 bottles of CBD oil to assist on his adventure into remix territory. 

So - sit back or lie down wherever you are - reach out for the kush bush and let nature do its job.  

Released September 19, 2016

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