Mytron & Ofofo make Multi Culti great again with a full, fun, five-track EP.  

Little is known about this freaky duo whose sound straddles opposing polarities, merging organics and synthetics, joining traditional textures with futuristic finish. These are sample-licious tracks that also feature original vocals and raw analog synths. They are noisy but clean, rough but smooth, soft AND crunchy.  

On one hand, it's mad-cap multicultural disco funk as on Si Jambo (translated loosely as 'ALL GOOD') and 2Tac Onana, and on the other it's cybernetic weirdness and italo-inflected electro with 'Non-Binary Joys on the Venus Holodeck' and 'Czary Mary,' which sounds like it could be the flip-side to Sharivari.   

In between this binary divide is 'Something For the Mind,' a brilliant piece of pop music that springs lightly into your brain with catchy bleeps, incredible vocoder, and a beat guaranteed to get the braindance party started.

Released August 28, 2017