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Loop Guru Von Party and fellow cult-men Dreems & Kris Baha step up to reinterpret Manfredas’ chai-walla approved hit ‘Glasswalk’ fresh off the back of the Sun Gaze / Moon Faze compilation series. 

Von Party turns the wonk up to 11. Creating an outsider-house groove with a chuggy druggy indian cigar in the right hand and a delay pedal under the left foot. What the other 2 limbs are doing - well that’s anyones guess. Pull out your patience card for the last 1/4 where things turn from heady to HEADY… Heed our advice. 

Dreems and Kris Baha back it up with a dub-house workout that nods towards some of those early ‘Noid’ records. Catch the warp-train down to Mumbai for afternoon tea.

meeThe sapne !

Released June 17, 2016

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