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Red Axes’s massive ‘Waiting For a Surprise’ gets new remixes from heavy hitters Audion, Moscoman, Manfredas and Multi Culti label-man Thomas Von Party. 

The jewel in the crown of Israel’s underground music scene, Red Axes have produced a steady stream of hits on labels like Permanent Vacation, I’m A Cliché, Crosstown Rebels, and the freaky all-inclusive Multi Culti where they dropped what became, somewhat surprisingly, their biggest hit to date with Waiting For a Surprise. The dark, stripped down disco bomb had one of the most memorable hooks of the year in singer Abrao’s staccato chorus, a late night voodoo incantation that was always begging to be remixed. 

The globally-minded, non-tempo-specific label ventures further into big-room techno territory than ever before, calling on resurrected techno god Audion, hot off the release of his incredible album Alpha. He delivers a jumbo, driving, trancey-dance bomb onto techno turf and raises the hands higher in the air then previously thought possible. 

Next up, fellow Tel Avivian Moscoman directs his hot hands to his guitar, mellowing things slightly, stretching out the hooks and adding layers of ambulant percussion to his signature middle eastern flair. The man you love to hate to love breaks his bread and shares it with us all. 

Lithuanian bandit and current Multi Culti tour poster boy Manfredas (who delayed the package by 3 months + some) weighs in with an incredibly dope, hook-filled revision. Worth the wait for his weight in cult gold. 

Finally, label chef Thomas Von Party joins forces with the Axes on a hybrid electro-psych-surf adventure you can get lost in. The freaky force is felt in this chuggy bro-down with the trans-continental high-five resonating across the sunset.  



Released October 3, 2016

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