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Nicola Cruz polishes off a trippy tryptic of cult releases for Multi Culti with ESPÌRITU. 

Folklorica’s chosen lord, Nicola Cruz has shepherded the masses from the church of high tempos and brought trance-formed revellers down to earth with his fusion of crisp electronics and organic, indigenous vibrations. Miraculously, he has brought this style of music to Europe’s major big room clubs and huge festival stages worldwide, pleasing crowds in the habit of being hypnotized by homogenous house music. 

Espiritu de Proteccion opens as a revelation, two seconds into the groove and you’re deep in the tribe. You’re dancing, everybody’s dancing, things dub out, melt down, and a haunting vocal wisps through the room, tickling the crowd from their tailbones to their pineal glands. Just as you recover from that spell, in fly the flutes. Every yogi in the vicinity sways into the front and all of a sudden, you KNOW you’re getting laid tonight. That’s the kind of power we’re dealing with: CRUZ CONTROL. 

It’s so potent we had to carefully extract the Flute-A-Pella and serve it up separately to use as a cult DJ tool.

Released May 22, 2017

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