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A remix pack is nothing more than the universe experiencing its own dance music subjectively. With this in mind, we took Ecuadorian sound-seer Nicola Cruz’s latest audiovisions and refracted them through the minds of some of the world’s hottest young cultural interpreters. To provide you with the best possible approximation of what the results feel like, we then sent an intern to loiter outside a local Heart-Opening Ceremony to get people’s unfiltered reactions just moments after they awakened to their new place in the universal order.  

“I know I can now speak the truth of who I am and what I feel. I am a being composed of divine light and the kind of pure exhilaration embodied by percussive workouts forged by artists hot off releases with Disco Halal. I need to speak with my loved ones to tell them I’ve forgiven everything and that this track deserves their full support." 

““Gratitude is not a gesture, it is an inevitable state of spiritual being. So as a fan of timeless sonic archetypes like ‘Folklorica’ and ’NuExotica,’ I cannot help but smile to myself and know that the cosmos will always respond to my wishes with untold abundance. Killer bassline, btw." 

“I have communed with the serpents and the pumas in the Grand Palace. They spoke of pan-ethnic downtempo grooves birthed in the nether regions of a great continent. I cannot express my sense of relief at having their prophetic hissing and growling confirmed by the musics of this plane." 

“I have been reborn into a Golden Eternity of unified consciousness. I can feel the total activation of the World Chakra, with this particular remix representing the brilliant magenta glow emanating from just beneath the Global Pelvis, located somewhere near the Andes. I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to meet whatever the dance floor brings me in this life and the next." 

“I have heard this before. It is the sound of laughter flowing from the third mouth of the Man of Acid and Culture, my spirit guide. He told me he would visit me again in a multitude of forms: DJ, producer, label boss, and lifestyle guru. And so it begins."  



Released March 6, 2017 

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