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Multi Culti present an outstanding album packed with exclusives from new recruits Daniel Maloso, Mickey Moonlight, Invisible Conga People and the label's own host of talent in Thomash, Dreems, Clarian, Xanga and Colo.

Featuring original artwork by Susumu Mukai, aka Zongamin, the limited-edition CD release is exclusive to the unique collector-heaven fun-market that is Japan.


This compilation is a psychedelically concocted manifesto of multiplicity, drawing influences from around the world, cherry-picking musical fruit from artists in Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Japan, Canada, the UK, and the Interplanetary beyond. These tracks showcase the label's free-spirited mission - from cuicas to caracas, from shackles to shakers, from cosmic disco to afro house, these share-atarians are sending vibes without borders and dancing from primordial beginnings through to the End of the Earth.

For the listener, this is a genre-defying magic carpet ride well worth taking.

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