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Multi Culti co-founder DREEMS has nominated you to join him on a twelve-legged race through the geopolitical wilderness alongside noted matesmen Jagma, DJ OI, Von Party and a shaman from Byron called Luka.

Known for his 13-minute remixes, ambient SoundCloud sleep aids, and globally-hyperconscious DJ sets, Australian wizard DREEMS joins life partner Von Party on the title track, smelting 303, dessert drones and bells in his Australian wizard’s cauldron.

“Kamp Krusty,” meanwhile, is a collaboration with Lithuanian-Israeli nomad DJ OI that features a fat brown-snake bass line, the ambulant percussion and bleeps scatter over the groove. Dope. Bats. Oi !

Things get deeper on “That Acid From Nimbim,” as “random hippie friend” Luka provides a vocal that channels Francis Bebey via the Northern NSW coast.

“Bilbio Bush Baby” sees DREEMS re-team with Jagma - a pairing not seen since the very first Multi Culti release - for a mate-a-thon that races past the horizon and directly into the Sydney sunset.

Finally, Argentinean excursionist LUM offers a tranquil, early-morning rework of “Kamp Krusty” that envisions a possible future beyond the fiery culmination of the aforementioned break-of-dawn mate-a-thon.


Released by: Multi Culti

Release date: 27 March 2017

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