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The MULTI CULTI adventure begins with a bold debut 12" from DREEMS, three dubbed-out visions from the depths of Australia's vibe country, featuring a collaboration with mystery mate JAGMA.. In the Desert serves as an excellent introduction to the label's ethos, chakra-picking musical fruit from around the world, sharing only the top 0.01% of all vibes travelled. 

In advance of a full length LP release, these tracks are DJ-friendly, though the exotic vocal samples and timeless Afro-Tribal-World-Rave sounds aren't meant for killing dance floors, but breathing new life into them. 'We Shall Be Found' trots out of the gates with I-rey enthusiasm, a gospel Rasta refrain soaring atop rolling synths and funky 808 rhythms. 'In the Desert' is a sun-drenched epic that evidently drew inspiration from five full trips to Burning Man, the sonic proof of beautiful sun-dances, trained to a timeless walk-about groove. Finally, 'With Shackles On' is a blissfully lucid chain-gang journey to the shimmering edges of your consciousness. 

Dust off your psychic bongo, re-hang that dream catcher, light up your essential oil burners, set your alarm clock to snooze, put on your headphones and re-tune your consciousness to a bright and beautiful whole.

Released November 18, 2013

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