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Multi Culti conclude their cosmic compilation series with MOON FAZE III, featuring RODION & LOCAL SUICIDE feat. MZ SUNDAY LUV, Argentine THOMASS JACKSON, Voodoohop native THOMASH and shamanic house guru LUM. 

Hot off his album release, Rodion crews up with Local Suicide and Mz Sunday Luv on ‘Owl & Wizzle,’ a witchy romp summoning after-hours spirits from the deep. 

Mexico City resident Thomass Jackson rocks up with a punchy mid-tempo workout that manages to be both light and spooky at the same time, all the while staying funky. 

Cult favourite Thomash reworks Calando Fumando Palho (released on his 2015 ep) into a hauntingly beautiful lunar version, balancing organics and synthetics like a psychedelic boss. 

Finally, Lum joins the familia with Rosa, a ritual offering to pacha mamma, a gentle tribal call to realignment with our mother, the earth.

Released June 6, 2016

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