Multi Culti imagineer DREEMS reworked by MICHAEL MAYER and VALENTINE STIP. 

‘Mirages’ presents two epic revisions of one of the most compelling and memorable songs from the forthcoming debut LP from Australia’s Dreems. 

One of the rising stars of Nico Jaar’s Other People label, Valentin Stip turns in a real beauty. Cosmic, intricate textures wave around bamboo flute solos before stomping rhythm tracks ride in. Properly deep, advanced, esoteric, and original. Play this at the right desert party and the crowd will think you caused that sandstorm with the power of your mind. 
Kompakt’s Michael Mayer goes a bit less organic and a bit more manic with a fierce, loopy and extremely psychedelic journey into the heart of darkness and back into the light with an outro that borrows from yet another album track Rainy Day. 
So Mayer basically remixed two songs in one. Dreems fed off that energy and outro’d that outro with a new edit of Rainy Day. Multi Culti not afraid to get multiple. 

Drug-takers - approach this record with caution, it’ll suck you in and spit you out with your reality tunnel open a little wider than it was before... freaky.



Released September 29, 2014