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Glasgow's Auntie Flo marches into Multi Culti dance formation with Gods Of War, flanked by a deep, dope Von Party remix.

War, what is it good for? Dancing. That's it. Seriously. The rhythms of chaos, the clashing of forces, the rising of tensions, these are not merely the tropes of warfare, but the hallmarks of effective EDM. Goan via Scotland's Auntie Flo tackles the theme with a restrained fury, a potently tribal sonic ritual capable of inciting revolutionary dance moves. Add your own battle cries, this one is intense. It's one of the Highlife DJing, Huntleys & Palmers releasing producer's most aggressively charged tracks ever, and an exciting departure for a label mildly in danger of getting locked into the chill-out room.

The Goan yin to this Goan yang comes from label-honcho Von Party, who packs all of this raw aggro energy into his pipe and literally smokes it with his 'Peace Pipe Dub.' A paean to peaceful dance-floor tripping, where each dancer has the freedom to keep their head down, their heart up, and their feet stomping to the groove, subduing the enemy through internal vibing, rather than violence. The melodies are haunting, deep, and ravey, the whole thing laced with emotion, flirting with dissonance, and drenched in acid.

Multi Culti grows one release wiser, tackling the heavy concepts, fighting for unity one beat at a time.

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