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Career A&R man, Thomas Sontag was born into DJ royalty.

His father was proto-trance / industrial Goa party organizer Dr Bobby, and his brother is none other than the godfather of Montreal rave, Tiga. Thomas learned to DJ at 13, earned his chops working at Montreal’s era- defining DNA Records, and spent a solid decade curating well over 100 releases for the titanic Turbo imprint. A mainstay in Montreal’s thriving electronic music scene, he's also an international music bizz magnate.


In 2014, he took a year to peer into the future, launching algorithmic mastering engine LANDR at the same time as he opened ‘Datcha,’ now a beloved fixture in Montreal’s nightlife scene, where he acts as sole resident and talent booker, showcasing his wide-eyed vision of dance music. His online radio show ‘Multi Culti Transmissions’ archives incredible selections and a whole lot of stoned banter.

Original productions like Pygmy Funk, Cobra Kush and Wet Raga have earned him plays from the likes of heavyweights Dixon and Harvey, and new productions are on the way, both for Multi Culti and his new label Party Central.

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