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MULTI CULTI shares up release numero dos courtesy of Santiago's MKRNI, featuring remixes from Comeme stars DJs Pareja and Diegors.

Infused with a sense of colour, lightness, sensuality and deeply engrained psychedelicism, MKRNI have a distinctly South American flavour, mixing Andean sounds and rhythms in with their synths, drum machines and playful pop vocals.

Humedad (literally 'Humidity') is a sonic ode to hispanic steam, with sexy lyrics and an array of crazy instrumentation - bongos, whistles, guitars, talking drum and tribal weirdness - which combine to give Argentina's DJs Pareja an ideal pallette to snap into a tightly syncopated funk matrix. If it sounds familiar, it might be because it's been a staple in Tiga's sets and was recently a highlight on his acclaimed 'Non-Stop' mix CD.

Diegors reworks 'Pongi Pongi' into a versatile, latin-laced acid-house jam that will warm up your party, keep it burning at peak time, even re-heat it for you later.

Finally, Chilean newcomers Pol Del Sur trip Blokis as chirpy day-glo reggae… catchy, kid-friendly, this is under-explored musical territory, a bit like La Vie en Rose re-imagined for a latino Yo Gabba Gabba.

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