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Multi Culti are proud to present the debut EP from Sao Paolo's Voodoohop resident, Thomash.

DJ Thomash has set up one of the most influential nights in the bazooming Brazilian scene with his Voodoohop party, a fusion of tropical hedonism and avant-garde trance-inducing European electronic music, a lively mix that no doubt has its genesis in his transplanted German roots (he's from Cologne aka Kompakt-ville). He's shared the stage with guys like Rebolledo, Joakim, Acid Pauli and more, and now finally looks to colonize the world with his first release.

Interestingly, Thomash has a degree in artificial intelligence, so while it might just be our imagination, it does seem that the rhythms, full of oddly tuned percussion and colorful synth stabs seem imbued with a distinct internal logic, playful forms that bounce off each other in their own reality, according to their own laws. This narrative of the ethnoid, German-Brazilian AI ties in nicely with the title: Candomble is the name of an Afro-Brazilian religion, meaning literally 'dance in honour of the gods.' Fortunately for us, Thomash seems to be honouring some scarcely acknowledged, far-out deities... spritely DMT-elves. Ectoplasma further plays into this reading, both in title and in vibe, floating unconcerned with material dancefloor goals into a space of peaceful imagination and spirit. Finally, Calango Fumando Palha is a soft, dreamy morning peyote-fire anthem… a healing latin lullaby to soothe troubles and set positive vibes free.

Called in to take us deeper into the trip are Multi Culti's go-to sooth-sayers DREEMS, who lead us forwards in full-chakra-alignment with the originals, bringing bigger bass into the heart of the jungle, tripping on acid, leaving us loose-limbed, wide-eyed, and open-minded in bliss as the final chords tuck us in and kiss us goodnight. Sweet Dreems!

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