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MULTI CULTI remix resurrection of buried Swiss-Afro diamond - features impressive mixes from Kalabrese, Mickey Moonlight, the Multi Culti production gurus and Crowdpleaser himself.

Geneva-based producer and journeyman DJ Crowdpleaser's 2011 self-titled album contained a brilliant anomaly in NENEKRI, featuring a unique vocal performance from Burkina Faso native Wamian Kaïd. It received glowing feedback from some top-calibre DJs (Joakim, MANDY, Duke Dumont, Paul Woolford, Brodinski etc), particularly for the excellent jerk-acid remix by sonic psychonaut Mickey Moonlight, but possibly due to Turbo's affiliation with harder-edged sounds, some of the highlights stayed well under the radar. Fortunately, this re-rubbed release sees the music more relevant than ever, in the midst of the multi-culti dance explosion brought on by the likes of Daphni / Four Tet / Awesome Tapes From Africa / Romare / Auntie Flo / Acid Arab / Comeme etc.

In A-side 45rpm position, the Crowdpleaser Dub finally gets the 12" space it always deserve. This is the kind of record you would hope to hear ignite the early hours of an epic Innervisions party or Soul Clap Burning Man jam. This lost classic gets served up alongside the terrific Mickey Moonlight and a host of impressive new mixes….

Kalabrese's remix was also a bit lost in the mayhem and now gets a fresh DJ-friendly edit that hones in on the funk and flirts with the acid whilst stripping things down for the dance floor. Finally, label-heads Angelo Cruzman and Thomas Von Party bring an ecstatic early morning version, pushing the package deeper and darker, layering percussion and sun-rise pads that cushion the feeling of the end of the night, rounding out an essential multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-dimensional package.


Released on 12" January 27 and digital 3rd February, 2014

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