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Irish-born mystic Peter Power finds a suitable home on the record label / psychedelic familia that is Multi Culti. 

Mr. Power made a name for himself in Berlin as resident and booker at Kleine Reise and subsequently Loftus Hall. Out of this flowered Kleine Reise Records, the initial portal for his manifestations, and a network of connections that have made him a cult DJs DJ. After a wholesome 5 years in Berlin, and with the jungle in his sights, he continued his journey to Brazil, where he currently drifts within the chaotic harmony of Voodoohop, home to Multi Culti mainstay Thomash, who offers up a fantastic remix here in support. 

Jungles of Ufordia presents a trip into an experimental universe, into the dark realm of sacred light, an esoteric space between familiar realities, the place of paradox and cosmic birth. Put that in your pipe and smoke in it.

Released May 4, 2015

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